Argan Oil – Face Care All-Rounder

Why Should You Choose Argan Oil

When it comes to the health supplements that you can put on your face, body, and hair, you have a lot of choices. From different powders, creams, oils, pills, and more, the health supplement industry is booming more than ever before, but people are still turning to a centuries-old health and beauty ingredient.


Because it’s been tested for millennia and the users of Argan Oil know of the endless and powerful benefits of regular use.

From helping your hair grow fuller and stronger to replenishing your skin, protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, and so much more, Argan Oil is truly one of the most advanced natural health and beauty treatment options on the planet.

Natural Beauty Restored

Other beauty treatment products are packed with chemicals and ingredients that do little actually to help, and can instead have adverse effects on your skin and hair health.

Argan Oil is a natural solution and is the best that Mother Nature has to offer. You can help save your skin and hair without having to worry about adverse health effects that could take away from the endless benefits of Argan Oil.

It Does It All

As you’ll see as we move forward in this guide, Argan Oil is a magical oil that can practically help your body from head to toe. Whether you want more beautiful hair or stronger nails, Argan Oil can help you!

It’s Everywhere and Relatively Affordable

The best part is that Argan Oil is readily available, meaning that it won’t cost you a fortune to pick up a bottle of Argan oil. When you start looking at the price of every individual beauty treatment product in your bag or medicine cabinet, the costs start to add up.

Argan oil is essentially a Swiss Army knife and can do practically everything with endless benefits. Let's take a look at the history of Argan Oil.

The History of Argan Oil

The history of Argan Oil is long and has been used for generations as an all-natural health and beauty supplement with endless benefits. The original use of Argan Oil dates back to the ancient Amazigh people of Morocco.

They originally used Argan Oil as a way to reduce the look and appearance of scars, along with treating rheumatic problems.

Flash forward to modern day, and many people use Argan Oil for a variety of uses from health and beauty to culinary applications.

How It Was Originally Made

Back in ancient times, the process of making Argan Oil was less than sanitary. To produce one kilogram of Argan Oil, 30 kilograms of nuts are needed. Goats roaming the land would feast on these nuts, and the fruit was compressed once it passed through the goat's digestive system and then collected for use.

A Down to Earth Way of Production

After realizing that waiting for the local goats to digest the fruit was a tad bit time-consuming and unsanitary, new methods of extracting and processing Argan Oil came to fruition.

Local women throughout the medina and along the route leading to Essaouira would grind the fruit by hand using a mortar and pestle for travelers to amaze at. This region, known as Sidi Yassine is known to produce the finest and purest Argan Oil or anywhere in the world, and to this day, the Argan tree only grows and thrives in this region of the world because of the hot climate and soil content.

Modern Day Argan Oil

Nowadays, Argan Oil is produced in a similar fashion. Some factories will produce a form of Argan Oil, but these products are usually full of fillers, and the oil isn't in its purest form. To get the best Argan Oil, it should be extracted and produced by hand from the region where it first originated.

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