Madam Ghizlane Sbhi Founder of Nurture Argan, gathered her efforts to make Nurture Argan the best known with its good reputation that guarantees quality and quantity for more than 2 decades. Our cosmetic brand based in Morocco and spread its roots in European and Asian countries.

It has a range of cosmetics that care for the whole body. We don’t just nurture our costumer’s body but also insist to let them look gorgeous.

Nurture Argan products pass through the cold press process to extract its extraordinary and rich oils, so thus, to save the best qualities in Argan. We are always ready to export our product all over Europe, Asia and we are planning to expand the areas of production. Furthermore, we want to spread this gold all over the world and introduce the rare Argan oil and its benefits.

What is Argan oil and where is it from?

The plant of Argan is commonly known in Morocco and nowhere else. It is not really huge but definitely holds the golden fruit that changes your look and spirit. The fruit of Argan is small, round and oval. It is like olive oil but after extraction, its color changes immediately to brown. In the past decades, Moroccans and especially in Souss region used to and add argan oil in cooking, health care, and cosmetics. This rare fruit has a remarkable effect so that must be known globally.

 It contains: Argan oil is rich in vitamin E that is a natural moisturizer, vitamin A, carotenes, antioxidants squalene, fatty acids and oleic. And It is a natural moisturizer, skin toner, exfoliant, Acne remedy, stretch mark remedy, cuticle treatment, conditioner, used for hair, nails and of course for healthy food.


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