I've been using this serum for I think a week now and I'm already seeing a difference, my acne spots are starting to fade and skin looks much smoother around the eyes, can't wait to see what it does within a month or two! Ingredients list is actually impressive


Personally, I really enjoy the product. While I don't necessarily need it for anti aging purposes (yet), it's very soothing around the eyes, and perks you up if you get no sleep the night before. I've been using it once or twice a day, underneath makeup or before bed


This mask is great! It is a bit different from the single bag type masks that seem all the hype right now on store racks and in beauty boxes. It is a large pot and a little goes a long way.


My skin has always been rough and dry. Once I tried my luck and ordered eternal youth face care with Argan oil & prickly pear seed oil and gave it a try. I am so proud I ordered it because my skin feels tighter and fresher.


I had dull and lose skin since early 30s and I was very worried about it, but then I found out about Nurture Argan’s Brilliance serum. And guess what, it is absolutely brilliant! My skin has gotten brighter and tighter with only 2 weeks of using this product. I am really happy.


Amazing Argan Oil .it does exactly to your face, what it claims. I am very satisfied with this product and ill recommend to others as well.

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